This AI determines the victims of Covid-19 requiring admission to the ICU

THE’artificial intelligence (IA) is now supporting the fight against the spread of Covid-19. The aim is to optimize the use of limited resources. To do this, it will be necessary to identify the patients who need treatment in a intensive care unit (USI).

The researchers of theUniversity of Waterloo worked with the startup DarwinAI to develop this system. The latter used a database of 200 data points clinics to predict the need for ICU admission. They took into account vital signs, blood test results and medical history.

One more step in the fight against the Coronavirus

The new AI software has been tweaked with data from theSirio-Libanes hospital from Sao Paulo, Brazil. These are 400 cases which served as a basis. Doctors were to decide whether patients with Covid-19 should be admitted to intensive care.

“This is a very important step in the process of clinical decision support for the tria of patients and the development of treatment plans. “

Alexander Wong, researcher at the University of Waterloo

Thanks to the data received, the precision of the neural network prediction is greater than 95%. In addition, he identifies the key factors determining his predictions to be more credible.

An AI-powered tool to help healthcare workers

This technology remains in free access. In this way, scientists all over the world will be able to work on its improvement. The University is even in the process of integrating it into a larger clinical decision support system. The latter is moreover developed within the framework of its Covid-Net Open-Source initiative. This already helps doctors to detect virus and determine its gravity thanks to AI.

“The goal is to help clinicians make faster, more consistent decisions based on past patient cases and their results. (…) It is about increasing their expertise to optimize the use of medical resources and to individualize patient care. “

Alexander wong

Of course, this new instrument will not replace scientists who are looking for a cure for the Coronavirus. It is just a question of giving a little help to the health professionals. Indeed, the cases continue to multiply. And with the arrival of the Omicron variant, populations across the world can only tremble.

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