This AI is able to monitor the development of embryos in an incubator

In the now very near future, artificial intelligence technologies will be used in a very large number of fields, from health to video games, including humanoid robots, the automatic writing of articles (yes!) or well again… embryo monitoring! Chinese researchers from theSuzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology detail in the scientific publication site Journal of Biomedical Engineering their work on creating a very special AI. The latter is indeed able to monitor the development of a mouse embryo in an incubator (artificial uterus)!

Death Stranding artificial womb

An artificial uterus in the video game Death Stranding

The AI ​​not only analyzes the data vital to the development of the embryo (level of carbon dioxide, compound in nutrients, etc.) but also makes adjustments according to the readings carried out (more nutrients of such type for example). Work on artificial wombs is not new – experiments were carried out with lamb embryos in 2017 and with monkey embryos in 2019 – but the arrival of AI is a major game-changer .

The continuous monitoring and adjustments of the AI ​​have indeed allowed the “normal” development of several mouse embryos up to the fetus stage… enough to extrapolate on possible births of ex-utero human beings? We are not there yet, if only for the many ethical questions that accompany these technologies, but also for strict legal reasons (research with human embryos is prohibited at international level beyond two weeks of growth). But what will happen on the 2040-2050 horizon, when technological advances will certainly make this possible?

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