This app turns simple words into sumptuous artwork

This app turns simple words into sumptuous artwork

Wombo Dream is a funny app that lets you turn a few words into stunning artwork, all in just a few seconds.

We often think of artificial intelligence applied to logistics or basic research; but advances in this technology are seldom as evident as in the field of computer-generated imaging and graphic science. We have proof of this again with Wombo Dream, an application capable of transforming a few words (in English) into true stylized works of art.

The system is vaguely reminiscent of the latest version of GauGan, the incredible graphics synthesis tool from Nvidia. It is in fact based on a relatively similar principle: generating a synthetic image from a set of keywords provided by the user. It is, however, a well-designed application and much more intuitive than the proposal from NVIDIA. Here, no confusing interface riddled with obscure options; just enter a few words and choose a style to emulate. There are 12 different ones in total: Mystic, Dark Fantasy, Pastel, Vibrant, Steampunk, Synthwave, Festive, Psychic, HD, Fantasy Art, Ukiyoe, and None Style.

Due to the lack of available parameters, the result is necessarily much more random than with GauGan. but that does not prevent certain quite convincing results from being obtained which could very well have been produced by a human artist with a rather abstract style. Here is a small selection.

Quite impressive stylized portraits

The application also produces very interesting results with the names of certain famous personalities, both from the real world and from fiction. Even though the results are still so abstract, many of them are surprisingly recognizable; Here is a little anthology. Can you identify them?

There are still some pretty hilarious hiccups. The proof in pictures with Emmanuel Macron or CĂ©line Dion!

The Wombo Dream app is available on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

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