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this awesome scene that was cut!

In fifteen years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had to sacrifice many scenes for the good of its franchise. While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness arrives in the cinema, Benedict Cumberbatch confides in one of them. She is incredible !

What if Iron Man and Doctor Strange merged? No it’s not the new episode of the series What if? but one of the deleted scenes from the film Infinity War. In the midst of a promotional campaign for the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessBenedict Cumberbatch returned to this strange sequence that he had to shoot with Robert Downey JR

While the resemblance between the two protagonists is already quite striking, especially when you consider that they both played Sherlock Holmes on the small and the big screen, things could have gotten more confusing.

During an interview for BBC Radio 1, the British actor recalled a moment when he was able to put on the Iron Man armor. While no details on the script pirouette used to explain this exchange have been shared, images have been shared by ComicBook.

We can actually see Doctor Strange wearing armor similar to that of Iron Man, except for a few details. A combination of magic and witchcraft that the actor would have really liked to be able to discover in the cinema.

“We were both very disappointed. It took a while to put these two costumes together but it was a great time. To have part of that costume on you is really, really cool.”

Doctor Strange 3 in the works?

If you stayed until the end of the credits, you know that Doctor Strange must return for new adventures. With its traditional end-of-session message, Marvel confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch would be entitled to another lap. It remains to be seen if this will be done solo.

Doctor Strange 3 has not been made official, but given the good start of In the Multiverse of Madnessit is hard to imagine Marvel missing out on a golden opportunity to exploit it a little more.

It remains to be seen now which direction the plot will take. There are many lines of thought after the end clap. This will no doubt explore the darker side of Doctor Strange in more detail.

Even if he is not the antagonist of the second film, the narration has shown us several times that he was not an altar boy. The fact that he uses the Darkhold to defeat Wanda could thus drive him into madness. The spectators of What if? know, it’s happened before.

We can also expect a new idyll on the big screen, after Stephen is resolved to say goodbye to Christine. In the comics, he is married to Cléa, who we saw in the post-credits scene. Note that he might have a little trouble bonding with his in-laws since Clea is Dormammu’s niece.

In any case, we are far from having finished hearing about Doctor Strange. It should nevertheless be a little more discreet, while it is Thor who will come to destroy your summer with the fourth part of his adventures.. Love and Thunder disembark the next July 13.

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