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Pending its final closure, ING France has just announced the unilateral closure of more than 300,000 bank accounts. Online banking customers are getting organized to find alternatives. Boursorama Banque seduces them with a special offer.

Two weeks ago, ING France created controversy by closing more than 300,000 bank accounts deemed “unprofitable”. In December, the online bank had warned that it would cease all its French activity. Since then, she has been restructuring her business with a view to a possible sale to another establishment, without seeming to care too much about her customers.

It is therefore a total of more than one million ING customers who will have to reorient themselves to another bank, by force or by choice. Boursorama Banque is the favorite when it comes to welcoming these customers: its offer is more complete, less expensive and more efficient. It is 3 times bigger than ING and 6 times bigger than its second rival Hello bank!.

To attract ING customers who feel abandoned, Boursorama Banque offers a (boosted) signing bonus. New bank customers will receive a bonus of 130 euros to open an account. Whether you come from ING or another bank, this bonus is the same. You will have to enter the code WEE130 to take advantage of it.

I take advantage of the Boursorama offer

Leader in the online banking market in France, Boursorama Banque combines the advantages. Chosen “cheapest bank in France” for 14 years, it is also the one that has a range of products similar to that of a network bank. For customers coming from another bank, it also offers the service EasyMove which makes it possible to take charge of all the administrative transition (bank transfer details for direct debits, etc.).

Boursorama Banque largely deserves its success

If Boursorama Banque now has more than 3.1 million customers, it is because it has succeeded in adapting. It first adapted to traditional banks by offering such a wide range and highly efficient customer service. It then adapted to other online banks by developing better interfaces (it is the best digital bank in Europe, according to D-Rating) and with better services (precursor in mobile payment). Finally, it stands out from neo-banks with an account that is easy to open, intuitive and also complete abroad.

Among all these players, Boursorama Banque is the one experiencing the strongest growth in the market. In 2021, it registered more than 700,000 new customers, including more than 91,000 in November alone. It wants to reach 4.5 million customers in 2025, which could happen much sooner. Boursorama is also regularly cited as a potential buyer of ING’s French business…

Coming to the offer itself, Boursorama Banque relies mainly on the Ultim account: the latter is accessible free of charge, without commitment and without conditions.. It is therefore more flexible than ING’s Integral formula, which was accessible subject to a direct debit of 1,200 euros per month and a monthly contribution of 5 euros.

This account gives access to a card equivalent to the Visa Premier, which is also free. It also gives you access to all the bank’s other products: savings, loans, insurance and even the stock market – an activity that has made Boursorama famous. The web and mobile interfaces are excellent, Boursorama Banque is of course compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Boursorama Banque’s customer support is also excellent: for the third time, it is at the top of the Customer Relations Podium in 2021. The only small downside of the bank, which was also the case at ING, is that you cannot deposit cash to fund your account. The majority of online banks have taken advantage of this point, which is what allows them to be so inexpensive – even free.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition – Welcome and Ultim cards

Annual fee: €0 • Initial deposit: €300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Foreign currency withdrawals: 1.69% • Foreign currency payments: Free

Proposed cards

mobile payment



It offers 130 euros bonus

Speaking of price, Boursorama Banque is the cheapest bank in France. You should know that on average, the French pay 215 euros in bank charges per year, part of which are hidden charges. At Boursorama, the average customer pays 7.79 euros in fees per year, or more than 200 euros in savings per year. It is also noted that more than half of bank customers paid nothing at all in 2020.

Migrating to Boursorama Banque therefore means having the guarantee of paying almost nothing in fees (or even nothing at all). If you have a normal use of the bank, it will cost you absolutely nothing. No other online bank does as well, especially when you know that Boursorama is free and without income conditions on entry.

To attract ING customers who feel alone, Boursorama Banque is offering a 130 euro bonus to new customers this weekend. It will be paid when the account is activated (50 euros) and when ordering the Ultim bank card (80 euros). As a reminder, this is free.

Of course, this offer does not only target ING bank customers. If you want to open an account in the leading online bank in France, now is the perfect time to do so. You have all the advantages that come together to start with the bank. It doesn’t require you to make it a primary bank account, you can just test it alongside your current bank.

To discover Boursorama Banque’s offer, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Boursorama offer

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