This car only runs on solar power.

It is an energy available in abundance and which does not pollute: we are of course talking about the sun which is part of the solutions for a world free of fossil fuels. It is still necessary to know how to tame it and above all, to optimize it to generate enough electricity.

Solar is a renewable energy like wind, geothermal energy and hydroelectricity. It is also, probably, the simplest energy to exploit but not the most efficient. The performance of solar panels is unfortunately quite modest, but that does not prevent manufacturers from testing solutions.

No sun, no road

This is the case of the Chinese company Hanergy, which made 42 companies and 3 universities work together to develop Tianjin. The vehicle is equipped with solar panels that cover 8 square meters, which gives it a range of 75 kilometers per day, traveling at 80 km/h. Of course, to reach these capacities, the sunshine conditions must be maximum.

In case of capricious weather, the Tianjin is equipped with a converter to recharge the battery on a terminal, like a conventional vehicle. The car, which required 5 months of work (only, one might say), also incorporates level 4 autonomous driving technology. Therefore, it does not incorporate a steering wheel or pedal.

It is not tomorrow the day before that the Tianjin will be on the roads, whether in China or elsewhere. It is obviously a prototype that is not intended to be marketed. On the other hand, the technologies it incorporates could well be found, in one form or another, in other cars.

Solar is of interest to other manufacturers, such as Tesla, which recently presented a trailer equipped with sliding solar panels. Without giving more details on a commercial launch…

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