This connected mirror from Echelon will get you moving

This connected mirror from Echelon will get you moving

Since the start of the pandemic, many have developed the habit of training at home. And even if the health crisis has eased a little and it makes it possible to find the way to the gyms (with caution), a certain number of sportsmen of living room prefer to stay at home.

Who says sports training at home also says need to equip oneself. Manufacturers have not failed to offer this new clientele treadmills, ellipticals and other exercise bikes. Echelon goes further with its brand new Reflect connected mirror.

French courses

This 127 x 18 x 75 cm mirror has a 32 inch 1080p touch screen. In addition to seeing the movements that you make during the sessions (which allows you to correct yourself in the event of a bad gesture or bad posture), the mirror displays a coach practically as if he were in front of the user. Two speakers of 8 watts each allow you to listen to the advice of the trainer, or to music.

Reflect is connected to the Echelon Fit application which offers a multitude of classes: yoga, Pilates, Zumba, muscle strengthening, HIIT, boxing, etc. Professional coaches lead the courses, many of them in French filmed in the Echelon Paris premises by 24 qualified coaches and experts in their discipline.

More than ten courses in French are available online, and the library is also available to consult them on demand. The mirror, which comes with wall mounts, costs € 1,999, with a three-month subscription to the Echelon Fit app.

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