This crazy handyman fulfills the ultimate GameCube gamer fantasy

Players nostalgic for Nintendo’s GameCube remember the concept of the portable GameCube that made the rounds of the Internet in 2005. At the time, miniaturizing the home console was something of a dream… But not anymore!

GingerOfMods, to whom we owe several “homemade” consoles like the incredible WiiBoy Color, strikes again! This time, he set out to realize an old dream, that of the portable GameCube, a concept imagined in 2005 by an unknown artist.

A Wii like GameCube

The handyman, who is committed to respecting the mock up from 2005 to the letter, faced design challenges. The hinge in particular gave him a hard time! He also had to make a technical compromise: it’s not a GameCube motherboard that’s in his machine, but a Wii motherboard.

It turns out that the innards of the Wii lend themselves to a lot more tweaking: they take up little space, they also need less power and require minimal cooling. Moreover, the Wii fully supports GameCube games. In order to perfect the illusion, GingerOfMods has also modified the software so that it is the GameCube interface and menus that are displayed!

To prevent the stick from scratching the screen, the modder decided to use the one from the 3DS, rather than the joystick from the GameCube controller. The other buttons, which are inspired by the console controller, have been redesigned, requiring a specific mold. Another technical difficulty is the CD player. That of the GameCube is too imposing, just like that of the Wii. The solution ? Settling for a “disc eat” slot, the games themselves being stored in the device’s memory.

The battery only allows an hour and a half of play, it’s very little but it’s the maximum possible in the reduced size of the case. Another more aesthetic concern, the glossy black chassis is a fingerprint magnet! It is not very expensive paid to reproduce this concept which made fantasize generations of players.

And the great story doesn’t end there since GingerOfMods also tracked down the person responsible for the mock-up: it was an artist named Demond who made it for fun when he was still a student. He then worked at several video game studios.

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