This cryptocurrency miner is the pet peeve of gamers

This cryptocurrency miner is the pet peeve of gamers

Jaxson Davidson has been the despair of many gamers since the publication on Twitter of a video of his mining farm including more than 1,500 Nvidia graphics cards. Cards normally intended for players …

For many months, the shortage of graphics cards despairs millions of gamers who fail to get their hands on these new GPUs that would improve the performance of their PCs. In question, supply problems for semiconductors, and especially the voracity of cryptocurrency miners.

Miners who devour graphics cards

To generate crypto, nothing better than a good, powerful graphics card. And, if possible, several graphics cards that work in parallel to create the maximum number of virtual currencies! However, in a situation of shortage such as the one we are currently experiencing, it is difficult to understand why a large part of these products are diverted from their use.

That didn’t stop Jaxson Davidson, a miner based in Utah, United States, who posted a video of his graphics card farm on Twitter. Most of them are GeForce RTX 3070 from Nvidia (there are 1,539 units!) That many gamers despair of being able to install in their computers. Davidson bought these components from small businesses in his county, he said.

And it is not finished, he intends to equip a second building with CMP 170 HX, cards also from Nvidia but dedicated to the mining activity. They will therefore not be missed by the players. All of these facilities allow Jaxson Davidson to generate the equivalent of $ 8,000 in Ethereum every day. It is indeed enticing, but this gain comes at the expense of many people.

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