This device can see through walls

Seeing through walls is a classic of science fiction literature, but at some point reality had to meet fiction! A company specializing in military technology has developed a device capable of such feat.

Presented at the Eurosatory 2002 exhibition devoted to defense and security held in Paris, the Xaver 1000 promises its user to really see through walls, providing him with key information on objects and individuals who would normally be invisible to him.

Almost a superpower

Camero-Tech, the Israeli company specializing in military equipment, explains that its device is a “ essential system » for the armies, but also the police, the intelligence services and the emergency services. The Xaver 1000 “sees” through the most common building materials (cement, plaster, bricks, concrete, etc.).

Therefore, the user of the device will have a fairly concrete idea of ​​what is happening behind a wall via the 10.1-inch screen of the Xaver 1000. The technology developed by the company will even allow him to know whether a person is sitting, standing, or lying down. Specific parts of the human body can also be identified.

© Camero Tech

The product can also distinguish an adult from a child or an animal. The operator will then know the number of people in a room, their distance from the system, the general configuration of the premises and in particular the main infrastructure elements.

To achieve this, the device is equipped with 3D imaging sensors supported by a target tracking device based on artificial intelligence. Its maximum detection range is 42 meters. Weighing 16.5 kg, it incorporates a rechargeable battery good for 3 hours of observation, as well as Ethernet, USB and HDMI ports.

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