This Elden Ring spin-off turns the game into an unexpected comedy

The parent company of Elden Ring reimagines its game and uses its legendary difficulty to make it a more or less effective comic spring.

Faced with its phenomenal success, nowElden Ring has the right to its own manga, but it’s not what you think. Far from offering a Berserk bis that would fit into the dark and fantastic codes of the game, this new derivative work takes the direction of comedy to have fun with the title from which it is inspired. And beware, this parody is official and offered by Kadokawa, the parent company of FromSoftware which also evolves in the publication of manga.

Although this choice of direction may challenge at first glance, this clash of genres applies rather well to a game like Elden Ring. The difficulty having become a source of notoriety for souls-like, using it to shape the distress of the players in a comic format turns out to be rather effective.

Elden Laughter

It is to Nikiichi Tobita that we owe this outstanding manga. The first chapters of Elden Ring: The Path to the World Tree are available for free on Amazon (for six months). The synopsis, simple and effective, suggests the dangerously funny adventures that await the poor protagonist:

In the dark and dangerous world of the Underworld, the illustrious Circle of Elden, the vital source of the World Tree, was shattered. After the Night of the Black Knives and the Shattering, the long-lost Grace is heard again. Our story begins with the awakening of a young man with amnesia, dressed in simple underwear. The latter is helped by a mysterious young woman, Melina, who invites him to follow her advice to reach the World Tree and fulfill his destiny. Given the capabilities of this “Sparkless”, the path looks much more complicated than expected…

Suffice to say that this new work promises to bring back bad memories to players who have had trouble finding their own way to the World Tree. The manga does not yet have a print release scheduled. However if this one finds its success in the manner of the game from which it is inspired, this edition seems guaranteed.

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