This electric motorcycle turns into a suitcase to store under the desk!

Parking your motorcycle or electric bike can be a real headache: capricious weather, fear of thieves, damage… And given their weight, it is generally impossible to store them at home. The manufacturer Icoma has found the solution!

If motorcycles and electric bicycles are very practical for getting around town quickly and efficiently, the question of parking arises for many users. If space is not really a problem, there is still a risk of theft and damage. The solution would be to be able to store the motorcycle at home. But the format of the two wheels is quite a constraint.

The easy-to-store motorcycle

It is on this difficulty that Icoma looked. The Japanese manufacturer has imagined the Tatamel, a vehicle halfway between a bicycle and a motorcycle that folds up to turn into a large suitcase. With its wheels, it is very easy to move the two wheels to slide it under a desk!

The dimensions of the folded Tatamel are 70 cm long, 68 cm high, and 26 cm wide. It’s sort of the size of a travel suitcase. Unfolded, the vehicle measures 1.23 m long by 1 meter high and 65 cm wide. This compactness is not the only advantage of the Tatamel, whose very original design has been particularly meticulous. It is even possible to customize certain elements, in particular the panels on the sides.

The moped is doing well in terms of motorization: it can indeed spin up to 40 km / h (600W motor), for a range of about 50 km with its 12 Ah battery. Bonus: a standard electrical outlet is available to charge a smartphone or computer from the vehicle battery. The price is unfortunately unknown.

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