this feature will save you money on your gas

In these times of soaring gas prices, Waze can be a valuable ally in helping you fill up at a lower cost. Indeed, a feature allows you to obtain the location of the cheapest gas station closest to your position.

Year after year, Waze seeks to impose itself against its longstanding competitor Google Maps by integrating new features. The mapping service can always count on its main strength: the community aspect. Indeed, the first interest of Waze is to allow users to report accidents, slowdowns, construction sites or traffic jams without forgetting police checks. On this last point, the Ministry of the Interior has tried to ban this function, in vain.

The Constitutional Council decided otherwise, arguing that motorists are within their rights, under the freedom of expression and communication. Soon, Waze will indicate charging stations for electric cars. A good thing, at a time when electric cars are more and more numerous on French roads. In 2021, more than 6.5 million electric vehicles have found buyers worldwide.

Waze: refuel for less with this feature

Well, you may not know it, but Waze can also help you fill up on gas or diesel cheaply. Indeed, the mapping service embeds a feature called “Waze Gas Station” or “Waze Stations-service” in the language of Molière. Accessible from the app settings, this function simply allows you todisplay on the map the nearest gas stations, but also the cheapest.

Once near a gas station, prices will automatically update based on information shared by users. In addition, you can also apply some filters, by displaying only stations that offer SP95-E10 or diesel for example, or by opting only for Total, BP, Carrefour or Esso stations, for example. Finally, you can also sort the stations by distance, by price or by brand. As a reminder and since February 2021, Waze is compatible with Google Assistant. In fact, it is quite possible to plan a trip out loud while keeping your eyes on the road.

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