This fertility specialist used his own sperm to have 21 children

Last year, an organization known as Fiom began research at Alrijne Hospital in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands, into the biological parents of children born to anonymous donors. The organization had discovered numerous correspondences between a certain Jos Beek and the people who used their services. Jos Beek was actually a gynecologist who offered infertility treatments at the hospital between 1973 and 1998, and died in 2019.

Following an investigation carried out by the hospital and thanks to DNA tests, the organization now believes that 21 children were conceived from Beek’s sperm. These children were born to patients who came to undergo treatment with the gynecologist.

The hospital and the organization believe that the parents involved in the treatment were unaware that they had received Beek’s sperm.

Patients didn’t know

At the time when the gynecologist worked at Alrijne Hospital in Leiderdorp, there were almost no regulations regarding fertility programs. The hospital, however, said the situation was now completely different.

ʺ We use national protocols and work consistently and thoroughly. Our working method is regularly verified by audits ʺ, said the establishment.

Since it is not known exactly how many children Beek may have had, the Fiom organization and the hospital have appealed to anyone who thinks they are a descendant of Jos Beek.

Other similar cases

This is not the first time that such cases have been reported in the Netherlands.

In the past, a sperm donor named ʺ Louis ʺ fathered over 200 children by donating his sperm. His goal was to donate enough sperm so that one of his children could one day find him.

ʺ If I had 10 children this way, there would be a very low chance of success. But what if I had 100 or even more? ʺ, he told the Guardian in 2018.

Another case, almost identical to Beek’s, took place in a clinic in Rotterdam in 2019. DNA tests revealed that a fertility doctor who went by the name of Jan Karbaat fathered 49 children through his work in the clinic. The doctor died in 2017 at the age of 89, which complicated the case a lot.


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