This fish looks like two drops of water like a burger

If this fish seems like a carbon copy of a burger to you, it’s not because your stomach is empty, but because your brain is lazy.

If this fish can make us doubt, resembling a burger more than a sardine, it is indeed a marine animal. The latter has just been discovered in the depths of our oceans by the Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov, and it must have lived there for millions of years.

Fedortsov is used to sea animals from the great depths, each one stranger than the next. But this discovery, baptized “Cheeseburger with teeth” by internet, allows us to bring to the surface a well-known problem in the world of astronomy or the paranormal.

Pareidolia, a sacred optical illusion

So what can a photo of Mars, a deep sea fish and a haunted house have in common? These three places are far from familiar to us, and they allow our brain to see what it wants to see, in more or less abstract forms. In reality this phenomenon, which affects almost everyone, is called pareidolia. This is a rather special form of optical illusion that we can see cheeseburgers in fish or even human or alien shapes on the surface of Mars.

Very well known to scientists, this cognitive bias can be explained by a very simple law of nature: she hates emptiness. So seeing a cloud, an unknown landscape or here a seabed fish, it is easier for our brain to associate this new shape with something already known, rather than having to “add” a new one to our memory. .

Our brain feels like it already knows this new element and can therefore memorize it more easily. In the case of fish from the seabed here, our brain spins our imagination 100% in order to find a resemblance and thus “legitimize” this new form.

Auditory pareidolias

Rarer, but pareidolia can also occur with auditory stimuli. It will indeed be possible to hear words, in French for example, in a song written in a foreign language of which we do not speak a word. One of the best known and most recent examples concerns the chorus of the song “Cheerleader” d’Omi whose refrain could be understood as “We’re going to leave France, we’re going to Lidl” en lieu and in place of “Oh think that I found myself a cheerleader”. A phenomenon accentuated by the Jamaican English singer Omi, an accent that is even less familiar to us in France.

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