This French start-up wants to do Covid tests with a result in 3 minutes

Antigenic tests take 15 minutes to give their verdict. This French company wants to reduce this waiting time to just three minutes.

Today there are three ways to know whether or not we have been affected by Covid-19. Three different forms of testing which all offer more or less reliable results. At the top of the list, PCR testing. These are not possible outside of specialized laboratories and pharmacies. They also ask to wait 24 hours before having the result, which can be more than problematic for immediate use. In order to avoid having to wait a whole day, there are also antigen tests, which can be done yourself in the form of a self-test. Less reliable, they can nevertheless allow in France to unlock a temporary health pass for people who are not, or not fully, vaccinated.

The advantage of antigenic testing is that it only takes 15 minutes of patience before knowing whether or not we are infected. A wait, a bit long for some, but which has nothing to do with the 24 hours required for PCR tests. But there is always a way to do better, and the small start-up GreenTropism knows it well. She considers that she is able to produce tests “More reliable than antigenic tests”, with results available in just three minutes.

Marketing next year?

For Rolland Carbonnel, CEO of the young company, it is the fruit of several years of work. The company has arrived, thanks to a whole new means of detection and a good dose of artificial intelligence to deliver results very quickly. GreenTropism indeed proposes to increase the presence of the virus in the samples thanks to tiny particles of gold. These will act as a mirror effect and make it easier to detect the virus.

If for the moment this new test method has not yet had the authorizations from the various health authorities, tests have already taken place at Saint-Joseph hospital, in Paris. But the company would be on the verge of concluding a very important fundraising, it could then market its equipment to laboratories and other test centers. With results almost as reliable as those of PCR tests, GreenTropism’s innovation could very quickly be adopted by the general public, as the world experiences an upsurge in Covid-19 cases.

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