this game is perfect for a thrilling gaming night

If you like video games or entertain friends, you can’t miss this horror game. Chills guaranteed!

You are probably wondering what you should do for Halloween this year. If you are a fan of video games or you receive friends, you cannot miss this The Quarrythe perfect horror game to thrill the whole household. Here are 3 reasons to fall for this nugget on Halloween day, screams guaranteed.

‘Cause it’s like a movie, only better

With The Quarry, no need to go to the cinema to see the latest horror movie to get your dose of chills. Supermassive Games’ latest game is so narrative that it guides you through its terrifying story itself. You take turns playing a group of young instructors at the end of a summer camp, located in the middle of the forest. Only then, the farewells will not go as planned and strange phenomena – and people – will come to disturb the festivities.

A scenario worthy of the greatest Hollywood productions, with a crazy cast as a bonus. Captured in motion capture, the game lists some well-known actors such as Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Justice Smith (Jurassic World) or even Brenda Song (The Palace Life of Zack and Cody). Like a movie… but better, because it can last several hours. We are not sure, however, that you lasted so long.

‘Cause it’s devilishly easy to pick up

The Quarry manages to transport you into its plot so effectively that fragile hearts won’t come out without a cry. From the first hour of play, jumpscares, distressing music and difficult choices punctuate your adventure in the woods. The title is also ultra immersive and sometimes asks you to act quickly, while making decisions that will change the course of your story permanently.

Everything remains very accessible, only small actions will be required, such as pressing a button or moving the joysticks. This adventure, you don’t have to live it alone because The Quarry is available in local co-op, which means you and your friends can play together on the same couch. Only to bring the popcorns and the drinks.

Because Supermassive Games games are must-haves

If you’re familiar with horror games, you know you can’t miss a Supermassive Games production. This is the studio to which we owe the tremendously frightening Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, sagas that have become benchmarks of the genre. It must be said that the studio knows which keys to press to scare us and uses its experience in The Quarry.

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