This gold-plated electric scooter costs the price of a car

Electric scooters are already the delight of thieves, so imagine what might happen with this gold-plated model! Imagined by the specialists of the bling-bling Caviar, the vehicle is, as one can suspect it, not frankly given.

The Thunderball is an electric scooter that really stands out. Its chassis and almost all of its components are indeed covered with a thin film of 18-carat gold! Something to shine on the roads, but also to attract all the eyes of thieves…

A challenge with good taste

This “Golden Scooter” has the luxury, so to speak, of a steampunk design that has a certain allure. The scooter is based on the Dualtron X2 model from the Korean manufacturer Minimotors. According to Caviar, the speed of the vehicle can reach 100 km/h thanks to its 8,300 watt motor… Using it on a street in Europe may be difficult, knowing that the maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h.

The autonomy of the Thunderball is announced at 150 kilometers. The scooter also incorporates a suspension with “premium” shock absorbers. The Dualtron X2 model is priced at 6,000 euros, an already high price for an electric scooter, but with Caviar in the loop, the bill becomes indecent: gold-plated, the vehicle indeed costs $49,000! Many may prefer to buy a car instead.

To sweeten the bill, Caviar announces that for any purchase of a Thunderball, the manufacturer will provide an iPhone 14 as a gift (the smartphone has not yet been released). Pre-orders have already started, the first deliveries will take place in October.

Caviar is well known to lovers of “customized” products with gold, diamonds and precious materials. We owe him iPhones and other devices that often defy good taste.

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