Bande annonce du film Smile

this horror movie will cut your desire to smile

Lovers of horror stories, this feature film might please you. Paramount Pictures unveiled a first trailer very creepy for his next horror film soberly titled ” Smile “. And the least we can say is that everything is in the title and the trailer!

Make “Cheese”!

With “Smile”, big smiles could well give you nightmares! In this psychological horror movie, we follow Rose Cotter who is a psychiatrist. Her quiet life turns to horror the day she witnesses a traumatic event during a consultation: her patient indeed commits suicide in a horrible way before her eyes… but with a big smile from ear to ear. Since then, Rose seems to be pursued by a mysterious force that constantly causes her to see chilling smiles everywhere. Rose will have to confront her past if she doesn’t want to die… with a smile.

A spine-chilling trailer

Some might think the pitch of “Smile” isn’t fancy for a horror movie. The chilling atmosphere of the trailer, however, promises a good horror story with plenty of beautiful smiles in spades. Just like Rose, we want to understand what is happening, but above all what is this entity that haunts her. Unless it’s all in Rose’s head? See you in theaters on September 30, 2022 to find out!

Official trailer of the film Smile (VF)

Source : Youtube

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