This hoverbike is a dream, but no one (or almost) will be able to buy it

A very real product that seems to come straight out of the Star Wars saga with the famous Speeder Bikes.

While flying has always been man’s dream, a first response was provided at the beginning of the last century with the arrival of aviation. Since then, this old human dream has never stopped working for us, and technologies for taking to the air have multiplied in recent years.

While jetpack prototypes are numerous today, other ideas such as flying taxis are emerging. Halfway between these two means of transport of the future: there is the Hoverbike. This flying device works thanks to imposing propellers. Like a scooter, the product from the Japanese company ALI Technologies is driven with handlebars. A real flying motorcycle.

In development since 2017, and its first presentation, the XTURISMO Limited Edition has never left anyone indifferent, and the few flight demonstrations carried out by the brand until today have always been very interesting. With a weight around 300 kilograms difficult to believe that these four propellers manage to propel the machine through the air, at more than 100 km/h.

It’s not a first, but almost

If this is not the first Hoverbike that will go on sale, the Japanese firm behind this product of the future wants to make it a real locomotion solution, which targets a very specific clientele. Indeed, the innovation behind this hoverbike is colossal, and the latter necessarily has a cost, which is measured on the invoice.

For such a product, the company asks for 680,000 dollars, or almost 584,000 euros. Half a million euros to enjoy new sensations and a flight lasting a maximum of 35 minutes. If the product is therefore not the first on this market, it appears to be more successful and much faster than the products of the HoverSurf brand, originating from Russia, which marketed a first model in 2018.

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