This iconic board game will get its own series!

Hasbro is developing a connected universe around one of its most iconic licenses.

Professor Violet with the wrench in the pool room. First marketed in 1949, Cluedo quickly established itself as a staple of board games. The title since declined in many versions had also been adapted for the big screen in 1985. Jonathan Lynn was the director. On the casting side, we could then cross paths with Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the future) and Eileen Brennan (the scarecrow).

After this rather anecdotal release, Hasbro intends to resuscitate the universe which is still among the best-selling in the world. The famous brand is therefore working on a film adaptation. It was in 2018 that Century Fox announced the development of this adaptation. The takeover of the firm by Disney will nevertheless have put this project on hold. At a standstill, only since it has not been forgotten by Hasbro teams. They recently announced that things were moving in the right direction and that the scenario was already almost finished.

We know that it is Ryan Reynolds, who has been collaborating with 20th Century Fox for Dead Pool, which will headline. We do not yet know the identity of those who will have to give him the answer. We will probably have to wait a little longer to find out. Waiting, Deadline confides that this is not the only project under consideration at the Disney subsidiary. A series would also be on the program.

70 years of thrills and mysteries

The American media explains that Hasbro is currently developing the animated program in partnership with Bento Box Entertainment. This animation studio The production would have been entrusted to Tim Story, an apt name for the one who will have the mission to tell stories of murders within a mansion. The latter calls on Dewayne Perkins to write the screenplay. According to the creative teams, this involves capturing: “the thrilling, suspenseful dynamic that has made Cluedo a sensational game for over seven decades.”

The film should therefore adopt the strategy of the famous “Whodunit”, a recurring sub-genre of the detective which consists in developing the narrative around the discovery of the murderer. Like the characters, the spectators navigate blindly through the investigation and do not know in advance who will be found guilty. This name is inspired from a British film released in 1956 and titled Who Done It? – literally : “That he has done ?” Among the best productions of the genre, we can recently cite the excellent Only Murders in the Building or At Knives Out.

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