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this iconic League of Legends character is coming!

On the occasion of the Arcane animated release, Epic Games is welcoming an iconic League of Legends champion to Fortnite.

On November 7, the animated series Arcane, inspired by the game League of Legends, will be available on Netflix. It highlights the story of sisters Vi and Jinx, originally from the city of Zaun. To celebrate its release on the platform, Netflix has mounted a final promotional stunt aimed at bringing more players together around the series, even if they come from another universe.

Indeed, Epic Games has agreed to play the game, and the king of crossovers has therefore brought in his battle royale Fortnite the character Jinx, true figurehead of the title League of Legends. Starting today, players will be able to purchase the Fighter’s Outfit, as well as many other Jinx-related cosmetic items. It’s safe to say that she made an explosive entry into Fortnite.

Jinx, a colorful character

Epic Games has put the package for the craziest of shooters of all games. In addition to Arcane’s Jinx outfit, you can purchase Jinx’s Monkey Automaton back accessory, Bang-Bang Crusher pickaxe, and Playground lounge music (instrumental). All of these can be found in the pack titled Jinx of Arcane, which also includes the aerosol can. “Jinx was here”, as well as the Wreaking havoc and Pan loading screens.

The overall aesthetic chosen for this collaboration remains on the theme of the series Arcane, this is why the players of League of Legends may not recognize her clothes or accessories, although they draw fairly faithfully from her aesthetic in Riot Games’ MOBA. Still, it does give a quick glimpse into how Jinx has been worked on on the show, which is still good to take just two days away from its release.

Indeed, only two trailers have been shared so far and we therefore know very little about the direction taken by Fortiche studios and Riot Games for the creation of the series. It will be available on the Netflix platform from Sunday, November 7 with only three episodes at first. The rest of the episodes, which consist of two other trilogies, will be released one and two weeks later, round after round.

Available today

For the Collaboration Pack, Epic Games didn’t say how long it will stay in the in-game store, but it’s best to grab it soon if you want, as it might not stay long. To do this you just need to buy V-Bucks, in-game currency of Fortnite, which you can use for this pack, or for other cosmetic items.

Buy 2,500 V-Bucks

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