This Instagrammer ate raw meat for 80 days

On Instagram, a man has sparked the interest of many users for his diet mainly based on raw meat. He has been using it for about 80 days now.

According to his explanations, a diet composed only of plants had made him sick and so he decided to start the experiment. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said eating steak and eggs for breakfast kept him full throughout the day and kept him stable, unlike smoothies and bagels. He added that since then his pain has started to disappear.

The Instagrammer thus seems to have become a follower of raw meat, but is it really a good idea?

An unusual diet

On his “rawmeatexperiment” page, the man provided some information about his diet. This one ranges from raw ground bison meat to raw cow brains. Sometimes he uses milk or a pint of raw eggs to wash down the meat. The Instagrammer particularly praised the raw ground meat. He said it was quite tasty and easy to eat because it didn’t need to be chewed.

People’s reaction to seeing him conduct his experiment is quite varied, but in general, other people seem outraged by the idea. Indeed, many showed their disgust, and others even ran away when they realized what he was doing. The 74th one day, for example, a headphone salesman ran away when he saw him eating a serving of minced meat with a cup of raw eggs.

Why is the consumption of raw meat not recommended?

Even though the Instagrammer claimed that eating raw meat cured him, this type of food is not necessarily good for your health.

With the discovery of cooking 400 thousand to 1.8 million years ago, man had time to improve his way of eating and to better digest food. Some theories say that cooking allowed humans to evolve as a species, in particular by allowing the development of a larger brain. Nowadays, neither the teeth nor the digestive system of humans can allow them to follow a diet based solely on raw meat.

According to science, an excess of protein, that is to say more than 35% of the total energy intake, could lead to several types of diseases. Among them, we can cite hyperaminoacidemia due to excess amino acids in the blood, hyperammonemia which corresponds to a high level of ammonia, and hyperinsulinemia or an abnormally high level of insulin. Excessive protein intake can also cause nausea, diarrhea and in some cases death from ‘hungry rabbit syndrome’.

On the other hand, not cooking the meat is particularly risky since it could contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella and coli bacteria and other types of parasites that can infect the body.


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