This interactive map shows if you live near a celebrity

Do you live near a celebrity? This is what offers to discover Notable People, an interactive world map that indicates the birthplace of personalities.

Without knowing it, you may have been born, or you live in the same city as a personality who has made history. The Notable People interactive map lets you know! This world map, created by Topi Tjukanov, lists the birthplaces of politicians, athletes, writers, filmmakers, painters…

Criteria to respect

Once the map is open, the first names appear and multiply as you navigate within the countries. To establish the list of personalities, Topi Tjukanov used a database that had been used for a study to determine the notability of a person. There are of course a series of criteria that come into play.

The study, published in the scientific publication Nature, is largely based on Wikipedia records and Wikidata data. Notability is measured according to the number of editions of pages devoted to each individual, their length, the average number of views of the biographies between 2015 and 2018, the number of elements collected in the two databases, the total number external links (such as sources, references, etc.).

This is the reason why certain names appear immediately on the map, these are those of personalities considered very important in the light of the criteria of the study. For France, for example, the names of Napoleon, Victor Hugo, Joan of Arc, Descartes or François Mitterrand (and Zinedine Zidane!) are prominent. The closer you get to a city or a place, the more the number of names increases and it is possible that you do not know them all.

Each personality is clickable: you can thus access their Wikipedia file and immediately obtain additional information (finding out whether the person is still alive, their “rank” of notability, etc.).

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