this internet box sees its price plummet by -50%

SFR’s internet box is benefiting from a sharp price drop for a few days. If you are looking for an effective, reliable and inexpensive triple-play formula, this is the holy grail.

SFR is one of the major internet access providers active on the French market. Right now it is highlighting on its homepage a very nice offer that allows you to have a complete internet box at a reduced price. It always remains with one year of commitment but the advantageous rate which is invoiced for the first year is exceptional. It’s worth looking into.

I take advantage of the offer

Are you looking for a triple-play internet box that includes Wi-Fi, TV and telephony? At the moment, there is nothing better than the SFR Fiber box which allows you to combine these three services at an ultra-advantageous price. The operator even offers up to 100 euros in reimbursement if you have termination fees at another ISP.

What does this SFR Fiber box contain?

In the last year, SFR wanted to simplify its offer as much as possible to facilitate access to its range. There are therefore two types of internet box: SFR Fiber or SFR Fiber Power. As you can guess, the second is more powerful but it is also much more expensive. Both are triple-play, so you’ll have fiber, telephony and TV included.

As for the classic SFR Fiber internet box, you are entitled to a speed that increases up to 500 Mb / s for downloading and sending. To this, SFR gives you unlimited calls to landlines and 160 TV channels. For all these services, it will only cost you 18 euros per month for the first year, more than 50% off the base price.

In the first year alone, this internet box allows you to save 240 euros (20 euros x 12 months). In return, the ISP asks you to commit to at least the first 12 months. Considering the favorable price, it is in your best interest to take advantage of it. After this period, you should know that the price returns to the usual level of the product. That said, SFR remains a very good operator, you can trust it.

I take advantage of the offer

As its name suggests, the SFR Fiber internet box comes with… SFR fiber. It will therefore be necessary to check beforehand on the ISP’s website that you are well connected to its fiber network. To do this, you will need to enter your postal address to confirm that the ISP has indeed pulled the fiber to your accommodation. If needed, you can also contact customer support for assistance.

By opting for this offer at 18 euros per month, you have the SFR Fiber formula with the default box – which responds to the name of Box 7. If you do not want to migrate to the SFR Fiber Power formula, the ISP will offers an intermediate stage with another box: the Box 8. The latter allows you to double the speed of your Wi-Fi (1 Gb/s) and above all, you have a much more efficient TV decoder. It still costs 10 euros more per month.

Crazy winter shopping at SFR

In our internet box comparator, SFR also appears with its SFR Fiber Power formula. The latter is more expensive but it offers an even more successful experience at all levels: TV, internet and telephony. If you really need all these criteria, it’s a good investment. At this time, you also have a discount of more than 30% as part of the Winter Shopping.

To come quickly to this SFR Fiber Power internet box, it includes very high speed (1 Gb/s for download and even 2 Gb/s with the Box 8 box), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles as well as 200 TV channels. It is therefore more complete than the classic SFR Fiber box, but it is also more expensive. It takes 24 euros per month during the first year, which is also a commitment period.

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