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this iPhone 8 is free (0 €) with a simple method

A few weeks before Christmas, RED by SFR allows you to receive a free iPhone 8. The method is simple, there is no hidden defect.

Who doesn’t dream of receiving a free iPhone 8 with ease? This is what is possible at the moment and until tomorrow evening at RED by SFR. As part of the RED Deal, the telecom operator gives you the opportunity to receive such a refurbished smartphone for zero euros. It will have to be combined with a package, but the latter is also advantageous.

In the end, you will find out below that this offer is a winner at all levels. We can only encourage you to go for the RED Deal. This is only the third time that RED by SFR has offered such an offer – and each time, it is still very successful. To get the free iPhone 8, worth 180 euros, we will explain how to do it. In the meantime, you can see the offer here:

I take advantage of the free iPhone 8

If the iPhone 8 in question is a model that has been refurbished, RED by SFR is not doing things by halves. Not only has it been checked at all levels, but the operator also gives you 2 years of warranty. So it is as if you bought the new product. You are guaranteed to have a perfectly functional phone – otherwise the brand will take it back from you.

Why take advantage of the RED Deal on the iPhone 8?

The RED Deal is a concept that was introduced by the operator a few months ago. The most recent concerned a new Vivo smartphone. Obviously, when it is an Apple device that is in the spotlight, the enthusiasm is even stronger. This is all the more interesting as the iPhone 8 remains a popular and fully functional model in 2021.

To take advantage of this free iPhone 8, however, you will need to subscribe to a mobile plan with RED by SFR. To come directly to the facts, this concerns its 100 GB package which includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It also adds a 13 GB envelope that can be used every month in the EU and the DOM. The price for this subscription is normally 20 euros per month but this RED Deal drops it to 15 euros. So that’s 60 euros in savings per year.

Attention, to receive his iPhone 8, RED by SFR adds a condition that is not usual for him: you must also commit to two years. This is a point that is very different from the classic subscriptions of its range (which are also available at the moment). Having said that, this is the prerequisite for getting a free iPhone 8. And clearly, when you see the price of this mobile plan, it’s a good thing to be guaranteed to pay this rate for 24 months.

I take advantage of the free iPhone 8

By opting for a mobile plan at home, you will not have any particular costs at the time of subscription. RED by SFR allows you to keep your existing phone number. You just have to pay 10 euros for a new SIM card. If you do not know how to change operator, you just need to have your RIO number available by calling 3179 (free). Once it’s done, you can make the transition without any discomfort.

Calculation of the actual cost of this offer

Unlike all traditional operators that use a smartphone subsidy mechanism, RED by SFR does no such thing. In other words, once you have subscribed to this offer, you will officially be the owner of your refurbished iPhone 8. You will not have to pay 8 euros per month for 24 months to benefit from it.

To come to the figures, here is what it is: the iPhone 8 is valued at 180 euros (because it is a reconditioned model) and you will receive it for free. It is therefore a saving of the same amount that you achieve by subscribing to the RED Deal. On the other hand, it will still take this 24-month mobile subscription. This will cost you 24 x 15 euros, or 360 euros in total.

In the end, the real difference by subtracting the price of the iPhone 8 is only 180 euros. So this is the amount that it will cost you over every two years. If we report it to the month, this means that the mobile plan will cost you only 7.50 euros per month. For 100 GB, this is an offer that is absolutely unbeatable. For all competitors, it takes between 15 and 20 euros per month for 100 GB.

You will understand, this RED Deal is just unbeatable on all levels. You can choose to directly resell your iPhone 8 if you don’t have a real use for it. The model is selling very well, it is still a device that is perfectly functional. For those who want to keep it to enjoy their package with RED by SFR, it is also possible.

As a reminder, when you order your iPhone 8 through this RED Deal, it will be delivered to you within 48 hours at no cost. You can choose between delivery to a relay point or to your home. If you have any questions, RED by SFR is known to have customer service available every day of the week (7 days a week). It is therefore possible to ask them to better understand this offer. In any case, we highly recommend it to you, no direct rival has been able to do the same.

To discover this free iPhone 8, it’s here:

I take advantage of the free iPhone 8

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