this is the new name of Jesse McCree

Overwatch fan favorite cowboy gets a new no after controversy over the real Jesse McCree.

A few months ago, Blizzard announced terrible (or great) news for fans ofOverwatch for a long time. One of the characters in the game was going to be officially renamed. This is Jesse McCree, aka the cowboy ofOverwatch, which had been named in connection with the developer of the same name. The latter has been repeatedly cited in reports regarding the toxic work environment at Blizzard and has since left the company, prompting the studio to rename the character.

In a tweet, the studio reveals that McCree’s new name will be Cole cassidy, a name that we think sounds just as good for a cowboy. The change will be effective from Tuesday October 26. The short story is accompanied by a short text, which poetically describes the situation. We can then read:

The first thing a renegade loses is his name, and this one long abandoned him. Running away from his past meant running away from himself, and with each passing year only widened the wedge between who he had been and what he had become. But there comes a point in the life of a cowboy when he has to stop and take a stand.

To make this new Overwatch better, to do it right, he had to be honest with his team and with himself. The cowboy he was gone towards the setting sun, and Cole Cassidy faced the world at dawn “.

More than a name change

If the virtual Jesse McCree makes a clean sweep of the past and finds a new identity, Blizzard surely hopes to do the same by erasing all traces of his mistakes in his games. Indeed, the cowboy is not the only one concerned by this affair, and Blizzard had already confirmed wanting to remove all the names (places and characters) in connection with its “problematic” employees, in particular in Diablo 4, which will be released soon and World of warcraft.

In addition, the studio had also announced that it no longer wanted to name its future characters in the effigy of its employees, to avoid any problems in the future. If most of the changes made and to come are exclusively related to former employees – fired mainly for their toxic behavior – the studio is not immune and prefers to ensure its back.

On the occasion of McCree’s name change, Blizzard announced that Overwatch players can change their name for free with a free BattleTag change. This is available to all players from October 22 to November 5.

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