this is the way out for Sony’s title

Gran Turismo 7 has drawn the wrath of players following the forced maintenance, which ended up doing worse than better.

Last week, Sony and Polyphony Digital rolled out the game’s 1.07 update Gran Turismo 7, which caused a lot of trouble. This forced the studio to perform emergency maintenance on the title’s servers, which were inaccessible for over 24 hours. This situation was enough to relegate Gran Turismo 7 ranked as the worst game produced by PlayStation Studios.

On the Metacritic site, which lists both press and player reviews, we can see that the score of Gran Turismo 7 has dropped drastically. It now shows the sad figure of 2.0 in the user score tab, even though it started with a score of 87 in the press tab. How to explain this monumental drop in just a few hours?

An unplayable single-player mode without a network connection

The crucial point which marked a turnaround for Gran Turismo 7 concerns the single-player part of the game. Indeed, during server maintenance, players could not access either the title’s online mode or the single-player mode. If it makes perfect sense for the first, players have risen up for the second, which normally does not require a network connection to function.

This is why many users have taken up their vengeful pen to express their displeasure and indulge in “review bombing”. This is a practice that consists of targeting a game of negative comments following a technical problem or a bad launch. If the offline unplayable single player mode was at the heart of the first criticisms, a second point quickly came to take over when restoring the game.

Gran Turismo 7 in trouble

Indeed, it seems that players have waited more than 24 hours to be able to play, to realize that patch 1.07 was actually a very poisoned gift. Many players have found it even harder to unlock new cars without resorting to micro-transactions. Some users, outraged, describe this as a disgrace for a game that most have already paid between 70€ and 80€.

It is clear that Polyphony Digital made a more than controversial choice, even though the start of the game was rather promising. For many, this seventh opus embodied a kind of rebirth and had won the hearts of many car fans with its photorealistic graphics and its more than convincing simulation mechanics.

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