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This is why EA Games welcomes NFT games with open arms

EA is positioned on the issue of NFT video games, and claims to see the future of the video game industry.

This week, EA held a conference call on its corporate results and took the opportunity to bring up a topic that is more than trending at the moment. Indeed, the studio said be in favor of games on the blockchain, while the movement tends to gain more and more momentum. The firm thus explained that it will undoubtedly be a ” important element for the future of our industry “.

However, EA has not announced anything concrete about possible NFT games in development or even a way to publicly support them other than by expressing its opinion. In addition, the studio stated that it “ is still too early to know how it will work ”, Although it is the future of video games according to him.

This claim also relates to a new category of games, which is expected to gain momentum in the coming months – if not years. After free-to-play and pay-to-win, we are entitled to a new English formula all ready to designate this category: play-to-earn. Literally translated as “play to win (money)”, these are video games in which the more active the player, the more cryptocurrency he earns, a bit like mining.

A controversial subject that appeals to industry players

EA isn’t the only company that publicly declares its love, or at least its tolerance, for NFT and play-to-earn games. Indeed, Epic Games and Ubisoft, in particular, have also been there. The latter also recalled this week that it would introduce NFTs in its games and that it would exploit the blockchain in its future titles.

Epic Games meanwhile faced Valve by also welcoming games on the blockchain with open arms, unlike the father of Steam who banned all those who were already in his catalog, and who formally prohibited any related production. with NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

If this is still debated within the video game industry, it is because this technology still seems relatively new, little regulated, and that it presents certain risks to be taken into account. Many rules and laws remain to be imposed to make money and the virtual environment a healthy place, but also more ecological. Because indeed, the NFTs have for several months been singled out for their damage to the environment, especially with regard to cryptocurrency mining.

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