This manga with gargantuan success offers an anime adaptation

Kaiju N°8 offers an adaptation, carried by one of the most important Japanese studios. Here’s everything we know about the project.

Faced with the growing popularity of anime, many manga formalize their passage on the small or the big screen. While fans are impatient at the idea of ​​being able to discover the adaptation of chain saw mananother classic of the genre offers a series.

The announcement was made via a video shared on Twitter. Kaiju No. 8 will be entitled to its anime. A real success in Japan, the shonen written and drawn by Naoya Matsumoto also had its heyday in France. Unveiled to French readers in 2021, it has forged a solid reputation among fans of the genre.

Best launch in France

In September 2021, on the occasion of the release of the fourth volume, the circulation of the series amounted to more than four million copies. In France, the publisher Kazé announces a record circulation of 250,000 copies. He quickly established himself as the best launch in the history of manga in France.

The narration follows the adventures of Kafka Hibino, a 32-year-old man employed in a cleaning company in Kaijus. These monsters of unknown but very hostile origins find themselves embroiled in battles. Kafka wishes to join the defense forces to confront these beasts. Despite all his efforts to integrate this prestigious institution, he does not succeed. But all that will change when he himself becomes a Kaiju.

A very mysterious project

For now, we know very little about this new adaptation. Toho Animation will be in charge of the project. Being one of the biggest production houses of Japanese cinema, the firm is not at its first attempt. Fans can reassure themselves. Recently, she developed monster hunter by Paul W. S. Anderson.

Regarding the release date, again, this is the big blur. The development being undoubtedly at an early stage, we should not expect to be able to discover it before 2024. We will have to be patient. Until then, readers will have the opportunity to discover Kafka’s adventures on paper.

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