This Marvel’s Spider-Man mod is banned for homophobia

One of the PC Mods of the Marvel’s Spider-Man portage has just been withdrawn due to discrimination against the LGBTQIA+community.

As soon as a PC port takes place, budding players and developers hasten to create what is called mods, that is to say a modification of the gameplay or the visual of a game, to make it more Pretty, or funnier most of the time. Completely optional, delusional modes can easily be on sites such as Nexusmods or ModdB, very famous in the environment.

However, some changes are unwelcome. We had already seen it with the mod of Cyberpunk 2077 which made it possible to sleep virtually with the character of Keanu Reeves. This time it’s Marvel’s Spider-Man which attracts the wrath of the two aforementioned sites, because of a particularly intolerant mod. Indeed, a surfer took the opportunity to Replace all the flags in the colors of the pride with American flags.

Action reaction

To do this, the user simply reused the models of blue, white and red flags already present in the game. A modification which is not without consequences, especially when the user in question declares that the flags of the LGBTQIA+ community are “stupid“. Following complaints, The MOD was therefore removed from all platforms And the player was simply banished. A spokesperson for Nexusmods is expressed on the situation:

It was very clearly done deliberately to be a troll mod. The fact that the user needed to make a secondary account like a coward to download the MOD shows his intention to trolle and that he knew that he would not be allowed to do so. If he had not been a coward and if he had used his main account instead, we would have simply deleted the mod and would have told him that we did not want to host him, only banish him if he downloaded him Again after being properly warned.

The creation of the secondary account made it possible to remove all doubts and to make a very easy decision for us. […] If our policy bothers you, if we have broken a moral conduct code as a business that you cannot accept, delete your account.

A unanimous decision for the good of inclusiveness

At least the message has the merit of being clear. For its part, ModdB sends a slightly more watered down message, but still in the same direction. The content offending a certain community must be withdrawn from the platform in order to unite with any discrimination. On Twitter, the company confirms:

We have removed the content and banned the users. MODDB is an inclusive environment for everyone and we do not authorize the targeting of marginalized groups. Our content moderation is widely automated, but when identified, we have a zero tolerance policy for this type of content.

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