This mechanical keyboard is fully Lego compatible

Apart from the noise they make when you type on them, mechanical keyboards have a particularity: the keys are easily customizable. It is indeed very simple to remove them to replace them. Why not go to the end of the concept?

The creators of MelGeek are fans of mechanical keyboards and the customization possibilities they provide. But we might as well go further: with the Pixel, the company is launching a customizable keyboard… with Lego. All keys can be removed and replaced with Lego or compatible bricks. Obviously, we will avoid placing keys with the pins, unless we want to torture our fingers.

Keys to replace as needed

The keys provided by MelGeek being transparent (and they are also Lego compatible), nothing prevents you from placing a colored brick underneath. You can thus create a keyboard completely adapted to your tastes! As for the switches under the keys, it is also possible to replace them in order to obtain the desired level of click under the finger.

© MelGeek

The Pixel also includes four LED indicators that can also be customized. And that’s not all. The keyboard itself is surrounded by a large plate where you can place figurines, a colored composition or even outright Lego constructions such as a pencil holder. Everything can be used wired or wireless, depending on the needs of the moment.

The patent that protected the design of Lego having expired in 1978, anyone can launch Lego compatible products. Compatible, but unofficial unless of course they come off the toymaker’s drawing board.

The Pixel is not yet on sale, but it is possible to reserve a copy for $1 (refundable). This will give the right to buy it for $199, its launch price. Then it will cost $269. Alas, MelGeek does not specify when the keyboard will be available.

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