This new Ghostbusters game promises wild evenings!

The Illfonic studio unveils a new Ghostbusters game that puts you in the shoes of a real ghost hunter.

If the fashion is for video games adapted into films, the reverse is also possible, and the Illfonic studio reminds us of this with its brand new project. He reveals in an electric trailer his next game Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, adapted from the film saga of the same name. If you are skeptical, keep reading, we explain why we are excited about the project.

Ghost stories like no other

In the trailer, we can clearly see that Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed takes all the visual and sound codes of the original films, which is a good point. All the adaptations and other spin-offs that have emerged have never had the success of the first films because they were too far removed from the universe started by Ivan Reitman in 1984.

Nevertheless, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed transports us directly to those years, the theme is therefore respected. in its content, the title will include a 4 against 1 PvP mode. during a basic game, you play either a ghost hunter or the ghost himself.

In the latter case, you can use techniques to deceive your opponents and transform into just about anything to hide yourself. Be careful all the same with the weapons of the hunters and their traps scattered all over the map. Level diversity, the studio already promises maps located in hotels, prisons or museums.

Expected before the end of the year

Developed in conjunction with Columbia Pictures Industries, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is the perfect compromise between nostalgia and modernity. The multiplayer mode should really succeed in putting the franchise back on the path to success. And, if the graphics do not break three legs to a duck, the special effects are rather convincing, especially for an early version of the game. By the time the title is released, the studio will have time to refine the experience.

For the moment, no release date has been revealed but we know that the game will arrive by the fourth quarter of 2022. We will have to wait for more news from Illfonic in the coming months to have the date precise. We know, however, that it will be available on PC (via the Epic Games Store exclusively) and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It should therefore support cross-platform, although this has not been openly confirmed.

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