this new success proves that the network is far from dead

Although many are ditching Snapchat in favor of Instagram, the time-lapse photo app surprises with another success story.

Premium subscription packages offered on free apps are all the rage, much to the chagrin of users. After Twitter Blue and YouTube Premium, Snapchat just launched its own service simply titled Snapchat Plus. This implementation is daring when we observe the current dynamics of the application. But against all odds, after a discreet launch last June, this subscription is a real hit for the network with the little ghost.

As its name suggests, Snapchat Plus brings its share of additional features to users of the application. Billed at a price of €4.49 per month or €45.99 per yearthis new formula is a risky bet that is already paying off big. In just two months, no less than a million users have subscribed to this service. Subscribers can then take advantage of priority responses to influencer stories, new cosmetic options and a PC version of the application. The bonuses are light but still seem to convince the Snapchat community.

Snapchat against the grain

Netflix is ​​raising its prices and users are jumping ship. But when Snapchat offers an optional subscription, the crowds turn up. This strange trend is surprising, but it proves that the network is far from having one foot in the grave. As the company began to face increasing difficulties, this success came at a time. The group planned to part ways with many employees, but this achievement could well mean a comeback for investors in the social network.

Snapchat lost a lot of its audience when Instagram took over the success of stories. The network is therefore trying to reinvent itself and offer ever more personalized content to its users to arouse their interest. It remains to be seen if this success will prove itself over time or if this sudden success is due to the new and fresh aspect of this subscription system.

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