This online bank offers 110€ if you open a free account (easy)

Boursorama Banque returns with an excellent Pink Weekend. The online bank offers up to 110 euros bonus for any first account opening. This bonus is easy to get, we explain how to do it.

Boursorama Banque does not need to convince its future customers with welcome bonuses. However, the first online bank in France with 3.3 million customers has decided to offer this weekend a bonus of 110 euros for opening an Ultim current account. The latter is free and without income conditions: it is accessible to all.

The cheapest bank in France for 14 years, Boursorama Banque is an example at all levels. It brings together the best of traditional banking, online banking and neo-banks to offer a premium experience to its users. For the Pink Weekend (between this Friday and Monday February 21), you must use the code PW110 to obtain the maximum bonus:

I take advantage of the Boursorama offer

Some services offer a welcome bonus but with extreme conditions that make them inaccessible. At Boursorama Banque, you not only have the largest amount on the market, but it’s also easy to obtain all of it. All you have to do is open an account and order your card to receive the 110 euros announced above. The detail is below.

A bonus of 110 euros with the code PW110

A few times a year, Boursorama Banque organizes a Pink Weekend. This operation aims to fill up new customers by attracting them with an inflated welcome offer. Throughout the year, new customers receive a bonus of 80 euros for opening their basic account. Here, it is 110 euros which will be paid with the same conditions. Code PW110 must be used when registering.

This premium is divided into two parts. On the one hand, Boursorama Banque will pay you a first bonus of 50 euros for activating your account. This involves completing the registration form and making a first payment (300 euros minimum) into your account to activate it definitively. The money you have deposited is not blocked: you can then use it.

The second part of the premium paid by the online bank is 60 euros. This is unlocked when the customer orders his credit card. It is a simple formality since this step is free. You just have to order your Ultim card from your personal space. This card, equivalent to a Visa Premier, is free. You just have to use it at least once a month.

I take advantage of the Boursorama offer

Boursorama Banque does not ask you to have ultra-intensive use of your card over time to give you this bonus of 110 euros. The bank does not ask you to make it a main account, nor to domicile income there. You can very well choose to go gradually. Since it costs you nothing, you can keep it alongside your current account.

The cheapest bank in France

Boursorama Banque is not just the largest online bank, it is also the cheapest bank in France. Last year, customers paid an average of 7.79 euros in bank charges. That said, more than half of the customers had no charge at all: in case of standard use, it will cost you nothing. To compare, an average bank in France charges around 210 euros in fees each year (more or less hidden).

Online banking is the cheapest, but it leaves no stone unturned. It is also the most complete on the market with a range of products similar to that of a traditional bank: current account, savings, stock market, loans etc., you will find all your usual products. If you have decided to move everything to her at some point, there is the EasyMove service (free) which makes the transfer easier for you.

For a long time, dematerialized “online” banking frightened the general public. With successive confinements, this barrier has largely fallen. Boursorama Banque has also optimized customer support so that its users are completely reassured. By phone, email or post, you can get information very quickly. He also won first place in the Customer Relations Podium this year.

In our comparison with the best banks, Boursorama Banque occupies first place. With all these advantages, this online bank cannot disappoint. In any case, it is non-binding so you can test it as you see fit. In a few minutes, you open an account, you receive the bonus of 110 euros and you can familiarize yourself with its environment.

The Pink Weekend which offers this exceptional bonus only lasts from February 18 to 21, 2022. Monday evening marks the end of the operation. We invite you to be as quick as possible in order to complete the form on time. If you have a few minutes in front of you, do it as soon as possible.

To discover the offer of 110 euros, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Boursorama offer

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