This Russian robot dog with rocket launcher looks like a (very) bad joke

Killer robots are not to be taken lightly, and they are not since theUN wishes to regulate (and not prohibit) the use of “Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems”. Some technological demonstrations that are a priori worrying still look like simple big buzz shots, which isn’t so bad after all. So, a dog-robot particularly attracted attention at the Russian military salon Army 2022. The robot called M81 indeed carried on its back an RPG-26 grenade rocket launcher, enough to reactivate our nightmares of a new Terminator.

On closer inspection, however, this “robot-rocket launcher” apparatus is rather a bad joke: fine connoisseurs of the robotics community have indeed determined that the robot in question is none other than a model Unitree Yushu Technology Dog from the Chinese startup Unitree Robotics. However, this robot, which costs almost 3000 dollars, was not designed for military operations at all. Above all, he would be completely unable to resist the recoil effect of the RPG-26 grenade launcher!

In short, a FUD which we could have suspected quite quickly since the M81 robot and its rocket launcher was presented during the show by RIA Novosti, which does not bring together researchers or engineers since it is a Russian state press agency!

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