This scientist wants to recover a meteorite containing extraterrestrial material

Does extra-terrestrial technology lie at the bottom of the ocean? This astrophysics professor is convinced of this and he wants to know for sure!

In 2014, a meteorite crashed on Earth, or more precisely it was damaged at sea, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Five years later, Avi Loeb, professor of astrophysics, published an article (which has not been peer reviewed, so caution is advised) claiming that the meteorite is composed of a material even stronger than iron. for surviving the trip.

A metal from an extraterrestrial civilization?

In 2021, Loeb announced his desire to find the intergalactic object to study its composition. According to him, this pebble from space comes from an extra-terrestrial civilization that uses materials never before seen on Earth. ” It would be the first time that humans have gotten their hands on a material in which an object from another star was made. “explains the professor.

The problem with the expedition that Avi Loeb wants to set up is simple, but the answer is extremely complicated. On penetrating the atmosphere and then on impact, the meteorite exploded into thousands of fragments which were scattered over a huge area more than 300 km from the most distant islands of Papua New Guinea.

It’s a fishing expedition », replies the scientist. ” What we can do is take the trajectory of this meteor and extrapolate it to the surface of the ocean. “. The idea is to build a kind of sled with a magnet that will “dig” the bottom of the ocean. “ We will go back and forth, like mowing the lawn, over a 10 km area and collect all the magnetic samples there “. It will then be necessary to brush these components and study their composition in the laboratory.

Painstaking work, therefore, which does not stop at the harvest at the bottom of the ocean. Avi Loeb is not a fanatic or a mad scientist, he worked for a long time in the astronomy department of Harvard before joining the White House committee for science and technology.

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