this small change could be very expensive

Apple could make a tiny change to its next Apple Watch, but it could bring in millions of dollars.

While the Cupertino company prepares, in the secrecy that characterizes it, the launch of its next iPhone, Apple teams are not focused only on the next Apple phone. Certain parts of the company are indeed working on other products which should also be presented to the eyes of the world in the coming weeks.

This should be the case with the Apple Watch. Apple’s connected watch should be entitled to its annual update. The new Apple model should, according to the first rumors, have a new sensor capable of accurately measuring body temperature. An essential tool for detecting fever, this sensor had not yet appeared on a connected watch signed Apple.

A new screen size that changes everything

But that shouldn’t be the only novelty when it comes to the small Apple Watch. If we already know, since the WWDC, the software solution that will equip this new Apple Watch, Ross Young, the analyst of the brand at the apple, has made several assumptions.

The most interesting is that Apple should offer a large watch this year. For the moment limited to 45 mm, the Apple Watch Series 8 could be entitled to a larger size and gain a few more millimeters. According to the specialist’s announcements, the watch would have a side of 47 mm in its largest version.

Such a size would be unprecedented in the history of Apple, which has never offered models above 45 mm for the moment. If the size of the screens of the Apple Watch has always varied throughout history, the first models offered a watch with screens between 38 and 42 mm, the case itself does not evolve.

A one-of-a-kind Apple Watch

This is where the Apple Watch Series 8 should be a big novelty. Indeed, with a screen size approaching 2 inches, Apple will be forced to enlarge the size of the case, and therefore of the entire watch. A decision that has rather costly repercussions for consumers.

Indeed, if Apple Watch owners like to vary the bracelets they have on their wrists, they may be very disappointed with the new connected watch from Apple. The latter, due to its one-of-a-kind size, may not fit all bracelets already produced by Apple.

It will therefore be necessary to go back to the checkout to have new bracelets, specific to the size of the Apple Watch Series 8. A real boon for Apple, the brand that sells the most Apple Watch bracelets. These are now available at an average price of 40 euros, those that will be compatible only with the Apple Watch Series 8 should therefore logically be a little more expensive, Apple setting the prices as it sees fit or almost.

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