This smart collar hears your silent words

The speech Recognition is handy for communicating with apps like Siri Where Alexa. Unfortunately, people unable to speak out loud Where dumb can’t take advantage of it. Note that the user must formulate a audible sentence for the software to work.

In addition, some situations do not allow the use of the technology. It is that by car, the voice assistants may be confused by traffic noise. Moreover, it is not appropriate to shout “Hey Google” in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

Two brilliant Chinese researchers, Cheng Zhang and Ruidong Zhanghave created SpeedChina device for recognizing the silent word to resolve this problem.

A smart device capable of analyzing facial movements

Cheng Zhang, Assistant Professor of Information Science at Cornell Bowers CIS and Ruidong Zhang, a doctoral student in the same field, developed SpeedChin. A device that captures and then interprets silent commands in English and Mandarin.

The device of inaudible speech recognition exploits images of deformation of the skin of the neck and the face which are captured by a infrared camera attached to the neck. The results of the two researchers’ studies were published on December 31 in IMWUT, a series of journals dedicated to research.

The article titled “SpeeChin: a smart collar for silent voice recognition” explains in detail how this works technology. Ruidong Zhang intends to take advantage of UbiComp 2022, the sixteenth international conference on pervasive computing, systems, services and mobile technologies, to present this invention to more scientists.

A smart collar similar to NeckFace

SpeedChin is similar to NeckFace, a technology that Cheng Zhang and members of the SciFi Lab team unveiled last year. Ruidong Zhang built the original prototype in 2020 at his own home. The device is suspended from a silver chain mounted on a 3d printed necklace.

Like NeckFace, it to analyse constantly the facial expressions using an infrared camera. The latter is directed towards the chin, face and neck, and is stabilized by a medallion wedged by side wings. The developers justified the orientation of the camera for convenience and privacy. Cheng Zhang said about it:

“A camera placed in front of your face takes pictures of what is behind you, which raises privacy concerns. »


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