this stock guarantees you the Sony console before Christmas 🔥

For a year, the Sony console has not been found. Here is a special offer that allows you to have the PS5 at home, under the tree at Christmas. One thing is certain: you have to hurry to take advantage of it.

It is always so complicated to find a PS5 stock. Since production is unable to keep up with demand, we must seize the slightest opportunity that presents itself to buy the PlayStation 5. Online merchants (and traditional stores) will be out of stock before Christmas, so we must rush to the alternatives.

Today, it is SFR which offers a very special offer which allows to have the PS5 guaranteed before Christmas. The supplier has unexpected stock on the game console, and they even take the liberty of delivering the order to you as early as this week. In addition, you have the choice between Standard or Digital Edition. Both are at advantageous rates.

I buy the PS5

With this operator, you will be able to buy the PS5 Standard for 341 euros instead of 499 euros. For this, it is possible to pay the starting sum of 149 euros then 8 euros per month over two years. For its part, the Digital Edition costs 241 euros instead of 399 euros with a similar procedure. On the other hand, it will be necessary to subscribe to a box to compensate for this gift. Update 12:15 : Standard version is out of stock.

SFR already offered a similar offer a few months ago: it did not last a day. The PS5 in classic version disappeared in a few minutes while the Digital Edition experienced the same result a few hours later. The supplier was not able to follow up until the official end date of the operation. To take no risk, the FAI has indicated that the operation will end when the stock is no longer available.

How to take advantage of this PS5 at SFR?

To order the PS5 from SFR, you must choose the box put forward by the supplier as part of this special offer. This is the SFR Power plan, which is the most premium and efficient subscription in the range. This is the only way to find the game console. In addition, it is a good compromise since you will need a good connection to make the most of the capabilities of the Japanese console.

In detail, the SFR Power Internet box which allows you to receive the PS5 includes fiber with high speed (1 Gb / s download), unlimited mobile and fixed calls as well as 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder. Its price is 34 euros per month only for one year and then 53 euros per month after this period. From a value for money point of view, you have a very good high-end product.

I buy the PS5

With this special offer which includes the PS5 and the SFR Power Internet box, you combine two advantages of choice. First, you can be sure to secure the game console and receive it in less than a week. On the other hand, you also benefit from a quality internet connection which will be effective for all your favorite games. Otherwise, the graphics quality and the overall user experience could be penalized. It is really very important.

This SFR Power Internet box requires a 2-year commitment – including a full year during which you benefit from the lowest price. After this period, you have every right to terminate your contract with the supplier without being obliged to give details of the reasons for your departure. SFR can also pay up to 100 euros in cancellation fees for a smooth transition to your next plan.

You are bound to be a winner, knowing that finding PS5 stock is no easy feat.. Here, you have a quality internet box at a very good price and at the same time, you receive the prestigious Sony console. As you will see below that the games console sells for much more expensive, so you have every interest in securing this SFR offer.

The console sells for more than 1000 €

The PS5 is excruciatingly hard to find – whether online or in physical stores. The games console has been released a year ago now, so you could expect the situation to ease over time. Yet this is clearly not the case. Sony is unable to keep up with production, it cannot meet demand. Moreover, the brand has even apologized for having so much trouble offering the latest console to all those who want to buy it.

Currently, SFR is the only one to offer the PS5 for sale. If you take a look at online merchants like Amazon, Fnac or Cdiscount, you will immediately see that they only offer empty stocks on their respective sites. If we did not expect to find the game console at an Internet provider, the surprise is excellent.

And for good reason, choosing the PS5 at SFR remains the best way to receive the game console in a few days without going through individuals who do not hesitate to offer the object for more than 1000 euros, passing that some will end up cracking. . This is definitely the last time to buy the PlayStation 5 before the Christmas holidays. Even with the holidays approaching, no merchant will be able to pull out a surprise offer by the end of the year, that wasn’t even the case during the last edition of Black Friday not long ago.

If you do not know the difference between the classic PS5 and the Digital Edition, remember that the second does not have a disc drive. In short, you buy the games directly online from the PlayStation Store. No matter which model you like, you shouldn’t wait any longer to grab this exceptional offer from ISP SFR.

To secure the PS5 at SFR, it’s here:

I buy the PS5

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