This streamer finished all of the old Resident Evil without taking a single hit

Finishing a Resident Evil without getting hit isn’t easy. But getting there by doing all the classic episodes is another story.

From sports to science to the arts, all disciplines have their champions. And video games are no exception. But when you have already become a master in a game of which you know every nook and cranny, you have to look for new challenges to continue having fun. A fan of the series resident Evil spotted by Kotaku recently pushed this concept to new extremes by chaining … all the variants of the four old opus without taking the slightest damage or making the slightest safeguard.

To achieve this feat called “God Run ”, streamer MattDaRoc had to complete every possible version of resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil – Code: Veronica with all the characters, from Jill to Chris to Claire and Leon. In total, this amounts to finishing 10 games resident Evil in one go without a single scratch, which took him about fifteen hours.

Impressive perseverance

Finishing a game without taking a single flick is often very difficult, regardless of the title. But those who have already rubbed shoulders with old episodes of resident Evil know this is especially true in this series. To begin with, the characters are rather helpless when it comes to protecting themselves; in resident Evil, no shield or cloak of invisibility. It is therefore necessary to go through levels strewn with traps while accepting to be exposed to devious enemies who are just waiting to catch the player by surprise. To hope to finish a resident Evil – or more – without being touched, so you have to know each sequence inside out.

It is all the more difficult as the stakes and the pressure increase exponentially as this “God Run ”. We imagine that starting from scratch because of a tiny little blunder after more than ten hours of perfection must be a real heartbreak. You therefore need a good memory, nimble fingers, sharp reflexes, absolute concentration at all times, and above all foolproof self-control. Whether you like video games or not, it is therefore a feat that required a lot of perseverance from MattDaRoc. Hats off!

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