This summer, Batman and the Joker arrive in pocket format

Urban Comics is relaunching its summer operation, with a take-everywhere pocket collection.

Like every year, Urban Comics launches its summer operation. The editor returns to the flexible format, and offers a small size to fit in a suitcase. In 2022, the collection is growing with 10 cult titles, from both the DC Comics universe and independent productions. The appointment is set for August 26 for a release in bookstores.

Full list of titles available:

  • Batman, Court of Owls Part 1 – 176 pages (€5.90)
  • Batman, Court of Owls 2nd part – 176 pages (€5.90)
  • flash point – 176 pages (€5.90)
  • Killing Joke and The Man Who Laughs — 128 pages (€5.90)
  • Batman White Knight – 224 pages (€5.90)
  • Transmetropolitan T1 – 304 pages (€7.90)
  • Transmetropolitan T2 – 320 pages (7.90 €)
  • Watchman- 416 pages (€9.90)
  • Fables T1 — 400 pages (€9.90)
  • Fables T2 — 416 pages (€9.90)

Among the titles on offer, we particularly advise you to take a look at The Court of Owls, perhaps one of the most beautiful adventures of the Dark Knight, complete in two volumes. The diptych bringing together Killing Joke and The man who Laughs is also a must. To get out of the DC universe, the first two volumes of Fables are also an excellent gateway into the world of Mark Buckingham and Bill Willingham. Be prepared, however, to have to buy the rest of the series, completed in a complete 10 volumes.

Offered between €5.90 and €9.90, this new summer collection is above all an opportunity for Urban Comics to discover its cult titles through short and accessible formats, most often the time of a one-shot. The operation is not mistaken, and usually generates large volumes of sales, for a readership not always familiar with comics and their universe. Note that in addition to this summer selection, a second Urban Nomad wave will also be published in January 2023. The operation also seems planned for the long term, since a third wave is also announced later in the year. next.

For novices and regulars alike, Urban Nomad promises to make comics made in the USA even more accessible. Good news after the general increase in prices among publishers.

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