This TikTok gesture saved the life of a kidnapped teenager

A simple gesture, made viral thanks to the social network TikTok, saved a young teenage girl from her kidnapper.

Not long ago, we told you how a young woman had come to commit suicide live on the social network TikTok, which then undermined the company’s code of ethics, and its possible responsibility in the many cases of harassment that are rife on the platform. However, this same social network could well have saved the life of a young girl a few days ago.

Indeed, a 16-year-old girl was picked up by the Kentucky police following the report of a driver, who said he saw the young girl expressing her distress through a wave of the hand, which went viral on the social network. . If you’re not familiar with this one, the Sheriff has shown what it is on video. This gesture, particularly simple and introduced on TikTok by the Women’s Foundation Canada, allows you to warn those around you when you are a victim of domestic violence.

Police said the driver who called for help walked past a car, which the girl was in and was waving his hand in the hope that someone would understand her. This was indeed the case, and the witness therefore called the police to describe the situation to them. This enabled them to locate the teenager, and her captor was arrested on charges of unlawful imprisonment.

While her parents had declared her missing earlier in the day, the teenager has been trying to alert other motorists for some time. Her captor was trying to take the girl from North Carolina to Ohio, before being arrested by police in Kentucky. It would appear that the police are also accusing him of the possession of child pornography. A clue as to what might have awaited the young girl if she hadn’t been rescued in time.

Since the introduction of this sign a few months ago, the uses on social networks have multiplied in order to make it as popular as possible, and therefore as effective as possible. Cases like this could therefore multiply in the coming months.

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