Modélisation de neutrinos stériles en laboratoire.

This ‘very exciting’ anomaly has been detected in the behavior of neutrinos

The neutrinos are elementary particles really fascinating. Similar to electrons, protons and neutrons, neutrinos behave like ghost particles who are present, but only do cross matter. Even though they are extremely difficult to observescientists have succeeded in detect and quantify sterile neutrinos during a major research project called the Baksan experiment on sterile transitions or BEST.

Remember that a sterile neutrino is a special type of neutrino deemed elusive and which remains very hypothetical. Scientists think it only interacts with gravity and does not move according to the standard models of particle physics. Their study is essential, because it would make it possible to understand reciprocal behavior particles between them.

In fact, solving the enigma surrounding neutrinos would then allow scientists to elucidate the mysterious reserve of dark matter of the universe.

Behavior at odds with accepted theories

BEST researchers have updated the presence of an anomaly in the behavior of these sterile neutrinos during their experience. In particular, they found that there is a large difference between theoretical predictions and the results obtained in the laboratory.

Modeling of sterile neutrinos in the laboratory.

Other experimental data obtained previously confirm these results. They clearly show that there is still a elusive phenomenon surrounding sterile neutrinos. This discovery could upset everything we already know about the quantum and nuclear physics.

An error in neutrino modeling explains this anomaly

Some scientists argue that the weird behavior sterile neutrinos in the laboratory comes from the fact that the first models used to study them have errors. One can then easily understand why the scientists of the old school were misled.

In all cases, Steve Elliotta physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, said the results of this research are very interesting. Mainly because they come confirm the actual presence of this anomaly which has already been observed by other scientists.


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