This very exclusive Star Wars cocktail costs a blind

The Kaiburr Crystal is the rarest, most expensive and most exclusive cocktail on Earth, and probably also in the galaxy. It costs $5,000!

Passengers on the “Wish” cruise ship operated by the Disney group can relax in the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge bar. Through the windows, they will see some of the planets featured in the saga imagined by George Lucas, and also of course order a drink. The cocktail menu offers something very special.

Secret recipe

The Kaiburr Crystal is a cocktail whose recipe is unknown and for good reason, in the Star Wars universe it is an artifact that allows its owner to increase the powers of the Force! Well, it is not sure that the drink served at the Hyperspace Lounge of the “Wish” really has this property, but since Disney does not want to reveal the ingredients, who knows…

The cocktail is presented in a camtono, a kind of container already seen in the series The Mandalorian and The Boba Fett Book. Its walls open after activating the mechanism. This gives it a spectacular appearance, and for the asking price it is indeed better to impress: the Kaiburr Crystal costs a whopping $5,000!

At this price, we can hope to drink Grogu’s blood which makes you immortal and allows you to win the lottery… We can also assume that there are a little more than two glasses to drink and that we can walk away with the camtono under the arm ! In the absence of a recipe, it is impossible to reproduce this cocktail at home.

The “Wish” will begin its first cruises this summer. In addition to the Star Wars lounge, travelers will enjoy attractions related to other famous franchises of the group (Marvel, Pixar, etc.) as well as entertainment and shows. Prices for a 3-day stay start at $1,700.

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