This Xbox Collector Is The Weirdest You’ve Ever Seen

After the console inspired by the Lunar New Year, Microsoft is winning a very strange collector’s pack in collaboration with SEGA.

Since the arrival of the Xbox Series consoles, Microsoft has released very few collector’s versions. However, the firm seems to be picking up the pace. Just a few weeks ago, she presented an Xbox Series S in the colors of the Lunar New Year. This time, she’s trying to win a collector’s pack… couldn’t be more strange.

This Xbox Series S has been customized in collaboration with SEGA, the famous studio behind the games sonic. It is also in the effigy of the blue hedgehog that it has been redesigned. On the front of the console, we can see the faces of the characters Sonic and Knuckles, as well as a golden circle around the ventilation outlet, supposed to represent the rings that we harvest in games.

Hairy controllers

While this unsubtle design may already not appeal to everyone, that’s not the weirdest part of this operation. Indeed, in the pack, the controllers are also provided. Seeing them one thing is certain, in case of defeat they will allow you to recover.

All dressed in red and blue fur, these controllers really do not go unnoticed. Of course, the color of the hair refers to the two antagonists of the saga. If the tastes and the colors are not discussed, there is a point on which neither Microsoft nor SEGA will manage to convince us, and it is the question of hygiene.

Playing long hours with these controllers, and at the same time making them soak up your sweat, will certainly not make them smell good in less than a week. Worse than that, they will make short work of the surrounding crumbs and dust, which is more or less problematic.

How do I get the Sonic Collector’s Pack?

If you still want to get your hands on this console and the controllers that come with it, then you can enter the contest organized by Xbox on Twitter. You will find all the information on this page, and the contest will end on April 4th.

Sonic back in theaters soon

This collector’s pack is likely to celebrate the film sonic 2, soon to be released in theaters. In this new installment, Dr. Robotnik returns accompanied by Knuckles, the only true adversary up to Sonic, while the latter tries to preserve humanity, by preventing a very powerful emerald from falling into the wrong hands (those of Robotnik of cours).

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