Thomas Pesquet will be able to see Black Box in the International Space Station

Is it a good idea to watch a movie about an air disaster when you’re an astronaut lost in the middle of space? This is the experience that Thomas Pesquet, who commands the international space station, will live.

Thomas Pesquet, on the ISS since April, will be able to afford a cinema break between two space experiences: actor Pierre Niney has indeed announced on Twitter that his latest film, Black Box, had been sent to the international station at the request of its teams. ” Black Box is first at the box office… in space », Laughs the actor!

Kaamelot already broadcast in space

This is not the first time that the ISS Commander has been able to enjoy the latest movie releases up there. The French astronaut has already been able to see, in preview, Kaamelot – First Part (he’s a big fan of the series). But the film of Alexandre Astier speaks rather little about space or aviation, which is not the case of Black Box.

In this thriller by Yann Gozlan, Pierre Niney plays an inspector from the Accident Investigation Bureau (BEA), responsible for investigating the crash of the Dubai-Paris flight. An investigation that will lead him to doubt everything and to reveal a plot … If NASA had no problem authorizing the film in the ISS, we can think that it poses no problem despite its history!

On the floor of the cows, the film is a hit in theaters: it has exceeded one million visitors and seems set to pursue its successful career in cinema. And in space!

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