those characters who may soon die in the game

Genshin Impact is no longer to present to gamers. This title that we owe to the MiHoYo studio crushes everything in its path, whether on PC or consoles. To give you an idea, version 2.1 of Genshin Impact allowed MiHoYo to collect the tidy sum of 182 million dollars in just two weeks.

When we speak of Genshin Impact, we directly think of its rich and varied characters. In Genshin Impact, each of them has their own story. However, none of them is ever safe from disappearing. Indeed, the game does not hesitate to kill the characters who no longer have their place in the main story.

Credit: miHoYO

We could see it in version 2.3 of Genshin Impact.

The dead are linked

In version 2.3, we saw the death of several famous characters on the screen. The most recent is that of La Signora. The latter lost her life after losing a battle against Raiden Shogun. After her, gamers also had to say goodbye to a few secondary characters.

One thinks in particular of Teppei of the Watatsumi Army. Ruu from Tsurumi Island was also no exception. This character died after the chaos of the Great Thunderbird. As you can see, the list of characters who died in Genshin Impact is starting to grow. And according to our colleagues from the Screen Rant site, other names should soon be added.

Indices that do not deceive

Among the characters who risk dying soon in Screen Rant, we find Scaramouche. According to the Screen Rant site, several elements suggest that this character could die to obtain redemption. After him, we find Tartaglia.

As for Tartaglia, it could be that his death was caused by the Abyss. As a reminder, when he was young, the one we also know as Ajax had fallen in this dark place where time passes differently. Other evidence, however, suggests that his death could be linked to the Tsaritsa. In either case, Tartaglia mor seems inevitable.

Finally, in the list of characters who could soon die in Genshin, we find Albedo. The clues scattered throughout the game suggest that his Doppelganger could be the cause of his death. All of this remains to be verified, of course.

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