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three games on the way to the next-gen

Capcom will bring three of its 8 games to next-gen consoles through free updates later this year.

Since the release of the PS5 and Xbox series X / S consoles, it has become customary for old games to reappear on the latest generation of consoles with some program improvements. Capcom is therefore no exception to the situation and, more than a year after the arrival of consoles on the market, the studio has finally decided to bring some of its most popular titles. This is the case of three games resident Evil : more precisely, it is about the second, third and seventh opus.

The latter made a strong impression on us when it was released in 2017, while opus 2 and 3 should play on the sensitive chord of nostalgia. For the improvements, Capcom explains that they are mainly visual, although next-gen versions of the games will also support 3D audio. What could be better for optimal immersion?

Gamers will also be able to enjoy higher resolution, ray tracing, and higher frame rates, all of which will allow games to run smoother and more realistic. On the other hand, these are in no way remasters, so don’t expect a drastic change in the graphics, which are unchanged.

However, it’s not that bad, resident Evil has always been a pioneer in the realism of its games, so we shouldn’t be so shocked by their state even after all these years. On PS5, players will also be able to take advantage of all the features of the DualSense.

No release date yet

Note that this update will also be available on PC. For the moment, Capcom has not announced a specific date for the deployment of the updates, but we know that they will arrive later in the year. We also don’t know what motivated the studio to choose these three games precisely for a move to the next-gen.

If for Resident Evil 2 and 7 the decision is understandable as these opuses marked the players, Resident Evil 3 was never a favorite for fans of the franchise, who were more shaken up by the fourth installment, a real game-changer. The firm has not yet revealed if other games will follow the same approach, but everything suggests that this could well be the case.

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