three new games enter the catalog today

The months pass and the gaming catalog of netflix, a surprise new player in the industry, continues to grow. Three new games thus integrate the video game offer of the SVoD service as of today. Moonlighter, Dragon Up and Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt are already downloadable for subscribers netflix equipped with an iOS or Android device.

To be able to take advantage of it, you have to go to the tab dedicated to the games of the application netflixand download the games from their respective store pages.

11 Bit Studio

Netflix continues to focus on video games

The arrival of Moonlighter on the gaming offer of netflix is not insignificant. A few months ago, the mobile version of the game suddenly disappeared from the Android and iOS stores, without any explanation from its developer. It took a Reddit user to challenge them for 11 Bit Studios to give the reasons for this surprise withdrawal.

The studio thus claimed to be in the process of studying a new distribution model for its roguelike… We can therefore easily imagine that this withdrawal was preparing the mobile exclusivity of Moonlighter for netflix. Other exclusivity agreements could also emerge in the coming months, meaning the withdrawal of certain mobile games from the Google Play and Apple Store stores.

This also happened to dragon-up, although his absence was not so much noticed. Released quite a while ago, this idle game was also removed from the Google Play Store last April… And therefore returns under the leadership of netflix. In a completely different genre, Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt will arrive for the first time on mobile through the Netflix catalog. This citybuilder from the HandyGames studio has been available since 2019 on PC and will therefore benefit from an iOS and Android version via the SVoD service.

Another game will also join the gaming catalog of netflix over the next few days. In one week precisely, it’s the turn ofExploding Kittens – The Game to make its arrival on Netflix. The case ofExploding Kittens is interesting: this adaptation of the eponymous card game will first land in a video game version, before receiving its own television series sometime next year.

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